About Us

Starve poverty started out of a burden that Ron Fraser had after experiencing the extreme poverty of Mexico. After a couple of trips Ron realized the language barrier was too great for him. Ron had then been invited to Exuma, Bahamas to teach courses in marriage and individual counseling.

He soon realized the economical struggle and the poverty on the island was far greater than just counseling. Ron soon changed his focus to “breaking the chains of poverty”. Ron has built a board around him who supports and helps execute the vision of the organization.


Pray for God to continuously provide opportunities for us to share not only his word, but His principals in loving the people locally and in Exuma.

Short-term trips

A short –term mission trip consists of a one-week commitment to leaving our comfort zone, and participating with a team of people to “Make a Difference” in the lives of impoverished people.

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Starve Poverty International “State-Side”

Starve Poverty International is proud to announce a new development: we are coming State-side! We are reaching out to municipalities, civic organizations, schools, and churches to help identify underprivileged individuals and families that need home repairs or other practical necessities that are not being met by their current resources. Starve Poverty International is identifying these hardship situations and gathering a group of volunteers to minister to those needs.
We need volunteers to help meet construction needs and necessities. Along with the need for volunteers, we are also asking for donors and sponsors to offset financial burden. Please consider what part you may want to play in “Making A Difference”.

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Upcoming Events

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Tow Vehicle Project


Food Pantry

Wed 1-3 & Thursday 10-1

Kentucky Trip

April 6-13, 2024

Ministry Center

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Current Needs

Thank you Donors for all that you do! We could not accomplish anything without your continued support. Below we have created a list of needs that the organization could use your assistance with. There are two ways to donate: 1. You can mail a check for one of the items listed or 2. You can donate the physical item itself. The list will let you know if the item can be used or if it needs to be new! Again we want to thank you for your support, “You Are Making A Difference”!

Any questions please email here @ Current Needs Questions

Tow Vehicle

  • 4 wheel drive, 4x4, full size pick-up truck
  • New or Used

Portable Generator

  • At least 6500 watts
  • New or Used
  • Must be in operating condition

Food Donations

  • Can be dropped off at the food pantry

Our Mission

"Breaking The Chains Of Poverty"

  • Our Vision

    The vision of Starve Poverty International is to “break the chains of poverty” by deploying people into specific communities to help meet humanitarian, educational, medical, social, and spiritual needs; targeting teams toward specific projects that benefit poverty-stricken individuals or groups in the United States or abroad.

Designated Donation Chart

Starve Poverty International is a 501c3

When Starve Poverty receives a designated donation for a specific project we divide that donation between three categories: The project itself, administrative and fundraising. This chart helps explain how each donation will be used. Unrestricted funds are applied to the most current need; which would be one of the three categories listed on the chart.

Board Members and Staff

Our team is dedicated to making a difference

Ron Fraser

Founder and CEO

Ron is the primary trip leader, and also sits on the board of The Exuma Foundation, who partners with Starve Poverty.

Brian Fraser

Director of Operations

Brian’s primary responsibility is to oversee the day to day operation for Starve Poverty International.

Jessica Fraser

Community Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Jessica's responsibilities are to handle the day to day administration needs for Starve Poverty and to serve as the secretary of the corporation.

Michael Brenna


Mike Serves Starve Poverty by overseeing its corporate governance, legal compliance and financial matters.

Tom Watson

Director of Development

Tom’s key task is getting Starve Poverty the exposure it needs to succeed as an organization.

Ken Bayne


Ken serves as a board member and handles our public relations. He is also serving on the grant writing committee.

Paul Bush


Paul serves on our board and assists with local projects.

Contact Us

Starve Poverty International is a 501c3

Mailing Address    6 Norwick Drive, Forked River NJ 08731    609-249-5392